This is a Systo demonstration page.
This one illustrates a 'live' page for one specific model, and includes several widgets for displaying model results.


Model description

"Wonderland is an integrated mathematical model used for studying phenomena in sustainable development. First introduced by (Sanderson 1994), there are now several related versions of the model in use. Wonderland allows economists, policy analysts and environmentalist to study the interactions between the economic, demographic and anthropogenic sectors of an idealized world, thereby enabling them to obtain insights transferable to the real world." (Source: Wikipedia Wonderland model)

- Wikipedia article
- MetaSD model library entry (source for the model presented here)

Running the model

To explore the behaviour of the model, simply move the sliders for the initial stock value or the parameter value, and the graphs will be updated.


Plot of the 4 stocks against time

Sliders for setting the initial value for the 3 stocks


Sliders for setting two of the parameter values