Systo widget gallery

This page illustrates various widgets that can be used for working with Systo models. Click on the "More" button to go to the page provided for that widget.

The widgets are displayed here in boxes of the same size purely for reasons of neatness. In practice, the designer of a web page can set the size, or this can be set automatically by the widget itself; and some widgets can be re-sized by the user.


This is the basic widget for displaying, editing and creating a model diagram.


This widget presents 1 or more sliders for model inputs. The user can set each slider's range.


This widget lists out the model equations


This is the basic widget for plotting simulation results, as plots against time.


This widget plays a tone which reflects the value of a variable during the simulation.


This widget displays text summarising the key statistics of a simulation run for a specified variable.


This widget displays a "phase-plane diagram" - a plot of one variable against another.


Unlike most widgets, this one is an inline value (the value in bold shown here): some statistic from a simulation run.

The final value of Population is .


This provides a run control dialog for controlling a simulation - time step, run duration etc.


This widget tabulates simulation results for selected variables.