Title for your model

Here is a suggested layout to get you started...


Background, and purpose of the model.

Model description

Some text describing the main features of the model.

Insert the diagram widget, plus some explanatory text.

Insert the equation widget, plus some explanatory text.


Insert the multiple_sliders widget to allow a visitor to your page to change model inputs.

Insert the plotter widget to plot the simulation results (as a graph of the stock values against time).


You can freely mix text and Systo widgets on this page

For text, just use like a normal WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor. I.e. type in the text, then use the text formatting menu above to make headings, bold ec.

To insert a Systo widget, select the model and widget you want from the menus above, click where you want to insert the widget, then click on the Insert button.

To save your page as a complete, ready-to-use HTML page, just click on the Save button.