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This one illustrates the use of widgets for importing models from other formats (Vensim, InsightMaker or XMILE), displaying the imported model, and simulating its behaviour.

Import a model from other modelling software

This is highly experimental, and currently works only for simple System Dynamics models (no arrays, functions, sketch graphs, tabulated lookups, etc!).


  1. Select the source software format (Vensim .mdl, Insight Maker .xml or XMILE .xml).
  2. Either paste the contents of a text file produced by the software into the text area below.
    or click on the Load example button to load a sample model.
  3. Click the Import button.

To run the model, simply click the Run button in the Run Control dialog window. You can them move sliders for the stocks and parameters, and observe the effect on model behaviour.

Choose original language:
Sliders for setting the initial stock values
Sliders for setting the parameter values